Let It Snow.

We had three flakes fall yesterday, which can’t really be compared to the 18 feet my English friends are all enjoying, but it did excite the chicklets long enough to look up from the TV and cast a glance out the window.
Talking TVs, our fab new TV, a mutual gift between myself and The lovely Man, arrived on Monday, and I am chomping at the bit to get my new Gavin and Stacey dvds out, but have to wiat till Xmas Day.
The chicklets finished school yesterday and came home full of joy, which was good because up to now I have been single handedly manufacturing the joy around here, creating it from thin air, trailling it from my ‘butt’. Now, just like Santa, I have little helpers, little joy-generators.
Last night after dinner we watched The Karate Kid for the first time in yonkers, ‘wax on wax off’ and all that stuff, I still love Pat Morita, too bad he died. The chicklets, who used to LOVE this film, fell about laughing at what they felt were dubious fashion choices, Kev lost his lemonade through his nose at the half-mast white drainpipes and the cut -off sweatshirts, which is a bit rich coming form a kid who only changes his clothes when he’s eaten most of what he’s wearing. Elizabeth Shue’s hair is ‘way too big’ apparently for my four little fashionistas.
Only Sunshine could put it in context of time.
‘ Everyone wore that stuff then, even Mum, this film came out about 50 years ago. Right Mum?’
Wax on wax off.

Today’s activities will include brining the turkey for tomorrow’s feast. The out-laws, ourselves and Big Love 2 will enjoy the Xmas vittals tomorrow, around our fabulously huge, new-to-us dining table if I can move my arms and shoulder that is after carrying the damn thing.
Cleaning and singing will also feature largely. Biscuits for the neighbours must be baked, hopefully not by me, it’s not my strong suit.
An early dinner out with friends and maybe an epsiode of Bones for me, before bed.
Bring on Xmas!

6 thoughts on “Let It Snow.

  1. Have a fabulous time – I’ll be thinking of you all. My man and me have given each other a TV too..but unlike you we were surviving on a 15 inch circa 1979 portable..with a twisty ariel sticking out of the top…with a turny button to adjust the colour from red faces to blue ( it did however have a remote that had ”TV’ written on it in Tippex…just incase we got it confused with our non existant microwave !) . Perhaps your boys will visit now ! Happy Christmas Miss Behaving x

  2. Might have seen this on FB. But it seems we have a new Karate Kid. Set in China…? Home of Karate? Taught by Jackie Chan. Karate expert. Ah well. At least the kids ‘ll be able to laugh at something other than the haircuts.

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