Oh Christmas Eve!

It’s here! Christmas Eve has dawned bright and sunny. I think I like Christmas Eve more than the actual day.
Seems like there is all of the atmosphere without the pressure.

Last night we went out for a quick dinner with a friend and her two little boys, and we passed them two little toys, neither was a wooden horse.
Got home and wrestle my own two young laddies into a hot bath and it was decided we would watch A.I. on dvd, for no other reason than I bought it at the second hand shop for 200 yen.
Jim quickly sloped off to the PC, quickly followed by Kev, with shouts of ‘Can we do bookworm?’, followed by muffled giggles, so either they were
playing Gakkou no Kaidan or downloading porn, a more attentive parent would have checked.

So the gals and I switched to The Talented Mr Ripley ( also 200 yen) and I got some Xmas oggling of Phillip Seymour Hoffman in.
The Man got in at 10 pm. At 11, I went to corral the boys to bed, but The Man had picked that very moment to teach them how to re-string a guitar.
I had a much needed bath. Much needed it terms of heat and relaxation rather than muck and grime.

Getting into bed I was rather surprised to find it full of JIM!
I tried to kick him out on the grounds that I’d be too cold, my least favourite state of being, when he stole all the covers.
He curled himself into a tiny ball, requiring less blankets and I think willed himself to spontaneously combust to provide me with a smidgeon of warmth.
His determination to stay where he was out weighed my exhaustion and he was still there this morning, warm as toast, with a huge sleeping grin on his face.
So here we are, Christmas Eve, I need to get out for my walk and get my turkey in the oven by 9.30.
I think it’s going to be a very busy but pleasant day.
Merry Christmas everyone.

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