My Guy.

So I’ll probably just skip the Xmas update, it was nice, it was peaceful. So overjoyed with their Wii were my fine young sons, they bonded like brothers, brothers in a film, brothers in a 1940s black and white film. Nothing but excellent behaviour from young Kev.
So thats two tools in my belt for Kev, electronic games and life threatening experiences bring out the best in him.
My turkey roast for the out-laws went off without a hitch. The Man asked how he could help and misinterpreted my ‘ bugger off darling and let me get on with it’ to mean hovver uselessly around the kitchen offering advice on other ways I could prepare a meal he has never ever actually prepared himself, but I kept my Xmas spirit and fa la la la’d and all was well.

Today is our wedding anniversary. Yes we got married on the 27th of December, seemed like a good idea at the time.
I said, as I have said every year since 1992, ‘That’s enough isn’t it love, we’ve given it a good run for it’s money, everything has a shelf life.’
But he says he thinks we can flog this dead horse a bit longer.
Plus he has a magic gizmo that means I can use the internet on my new big TV, so I think I’ll hang on to him and his gizmo a bit longer.
He’s run me a bubble bath and he’s making dinner.
He’s alright is my guy.

12 thoughts on “My Guy.

      • Oh not interested in your dh’s gizmo in particular. Just interested in gizmos in general. Still waiting on that second hand orphan billionaire to arrive btw!

  1. Amazing. I saw a couple getting married on the 26th December and I thought they were abit nuts…a very busy time of the year to get married…but each to their own. πŸ™‚

    Glad to hear your xmas went off well πŸ™‚

  2. My pil got married on Christmas day at least at city hall. Makes sense since christmas is a more romantic holiday here. Not sure that romance was the reason though. No telling with that crazy old bat!

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