And on to New Year.

So , as I’ve mentioned in previous New Year posts, it’s a huge deal here. Unfortunately, I just don’t seem to be able to muster up the energy for it, Xmas has left me somewhat beat. Still, I have tomorrow, to pull a little more JOY out of my bum, wish me well.
Took the young laddies to see ” UP” at the cinema. I didn’t go in, because, well, because quite frankly, I wasn’t feeling the need to spend another minute with either of them.
The cinema is in a big shopping complex, so I shooed them in clutching their bags of exhorbitant sweets, and said I’d see them in 2 hours, then I dashed to Starbucks.
Half an hour later Sunshine turned up. I mentioned up front that any money I spent today was coming out of my food budget.
We looked at clothes. I am rather taken with all this natural look, cotten/linen, country style that abounds.
Sadly, what looked, country casual/bohemian on the hanger, I in my own iniquitable style, was able to transform into antique Amish kitchen dresser, so I think I’ll stick with my tried and tested fashion combo of bag lady meets homeless lunatic.
Ramen, then home, where Sunshine promptly developed a temperature.
Let’s see what tomorrow brings shall we.

6 thoughts on “And on to New Year.

  1. Good luck – our young ‘un has been ill since Christmas Day – bad cold and a rash of spots – today has been the first day he’s been relatively back to normal. Feel far too shattered to contemplate any kind of New Year celebration.

  2. I too have an inability to get the whole bohemian ‘just threw it on this morning dahling’ look… heh ho… but be thankful for your ramen! Christ how i would love a bowl of good ramen, even if it was in the company of a homeless lunatic!

  3. Bugger, I hate it when kids get sick DURING THE HOLIDAYS…whats with that! I much prefer my kids to get sick when I’m working so I feel virtuous and happy to take time away formt he coal face to nurture them like nature intended. or something like that.
    Hope your daughters feeling better.

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