What’s Going On?

What’s happening here?
I’ve not been blogging cos bugger all has been happening here. New Year was a bit of a wash out to be honest and it didn’t put me in a super jolly, can’t -wait frame of mind for 2010. So it wasn’t that great first time around and I have no wish to relive it. ( On the plus side Sunshine and I did watch to the end of Prison Break, which means we have now devoted about 4 solid days of our lives to Wentworth Miller).
I actually said to her, if you found out you only had four days to live would you watch it? and she said she would but knowing what she knows now she’s skip season 3, ‘Michael was too puffy’.
To be honest it is unusual for me, not to find a little JOY, I am Pollyanna, I WILL find the damn JOY, if it’s out there I will get it, I can get excited over a moldy spoon most of the time, but this year I had a hard time keeping the level of JOY high, think I might have peaked to early.
So here we are, January. January is my fine young son Kevin’s birthday and he is a Year of the Tiger boy, it’s HIS year.
You’d never know it from his grumpy attitude though.
I was disappointed on his birthday, I didn’t get a parade. I rather think I deserve one. Not because of the ( blah blah ) labour, body falling into disrepair, sleepless nights etc, none of that bothers me or ever did. I think I deserve a parade for staying positive, upbeat and creative with this child for ELEVEN years, when really, most of the time I wanted to saw my own head off. With a blunt saw, not one of those fancy sharp super turbo powered ones. Just a regular, hand held, hand powered, blunt, even rusty saw.
The desire has been with me throughout these years and I have resisted it. That alone qualifies me for a parade. A long parade with ticker tape and marching bands, and floats and drum majorettes and stuff.
There was no party. If you recall last year, we committed to print the idea that Kev does not play well with others.
He didn’t want a cake, he wanted a ramen lunch. So that’s what we had.

In other news. Sunshine is heading for a melt down. We have no eggs. Apparently ‘she’ had 7 eggs yesterday and today there are none. She has a plan to make birthday muffins for Big Love 2, ( didn’t make any for her brother.. not judging, just saying is all…) and now , the egg monster has crept in in the dead of night and stolen ‘her’ eggs. I pointed out that there were 2 this morning, not 7, and I used 1 for her packed lunch and the other for her dinner, so if that’s cleared up the mystery of at least two missing eggs it’s good right ?
I’m all about solving mysteries cos I’ve just read a cracking good Val McDermid.
So that’s all that’s happening here.
Oh yes, the kids went back to school. YAY!!!

8 thoughts on “What’s Going On?

  1. If I had it in my power to give you a parade I’d give you a parade ‘cos you bloody deserve one. In fact I’m going to march up and down the street right now in your honour and sing For She’s A Jolly Good Fellow… and there’s snow out there too!

  2. I’ll join you Steve..we can start a beacon style parade..when I hear your singing…I’ll dash out into our street and carry it on..We’ll have the whole of world singing and a parading in no time ! You do deserve it Missy !

  3. Steve and Withering, you make it all worthwhile, thank you, I think I just about make out some singing…

    Kelly, she could but the problem did not come to light until 9pm, by which time it was too late to go out and buy more.

  4. perhaps it is time for a rooster mate?

    i am going to have to hold a parade for steve, who is holding a parade for miss behaving…. if he really gets out there, that is. i will, it be more like a procession.

  5. I won’t give you a parade, but I will let you be the Grand Wizard, or whatever that person in the front car waving at everyone is called, of the parade I throw myself. I’ll even let you bring The Chicken. We’ll need snacks later, after all.

    Like everything around here if I don’t do it myself it will NEVER get done so I’ll be dead if I wait on someone else to give me my parade. And when I
    AM dead I want a parade too – like in New Orleans, only in Tokyo and with gangster rap music. I want to go around the grounds of the royal palace. Hey, just cause I am dead doesn’t mean the gaijin show has to end, does it?

    Turns out giving birth to his big fat Japanese head was the most pleasant thing about my son! It’s everything after that that entitles me to a parade.

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