My Mojo is Back.

I think just the thought of Steve and Withering out in the snow, creating a parade out of thin air was all I needed to kick start me.
Now I’m rockin and rollin again, running about like a whirling dervish.
So, here we go, one of my goals for 2010 is to run 5 kms. I have never run before except that time the police were after me, so I have joined the now hugely popular Couch 2 5K that is all over facebook. I am on week 4 day 1 and beginning to feel the odd endorphin .
My main goal really is to just complete the 8 week course then enter a 5km race and complete it and see where I go from there. I also want to do it as early on in the year as I can rather than leave all my goals until November and realise I haven’t a cat in Hell’s chance of achieving them.
To that end I have found a friend to join a race with me, and we are planning to do this Global Water 6km run thingy. April 10th in 192 countries over 24 hours. I was only aiming at 5km ( and still not even sure I can do it) but this 6km is to do with it being 6kms that people in some countries have to walk to get clean water, so I have a new running friend, a goal and a good cause. I’m set and if my goal to become more techno-savvy pans out I’ll post a link to the site.
I’ll keep you posted.( And if I never mention it again I would appreciate you doing the same.;)

Got back on my kanji again too, cleaned the kitchen, cooked many many nutritious and entirely meat free dishes for the family.
Oh yes! Goal number 2, no meat no dairy in January.
Keeping all the goals relatively small and therefore *hopefully* do-able.

The chicklets went to school for the whole day today ( oh no maybe thats how I got my mojo back) and came all smiles and JOY and kisses, wonderful, lovely lovely sons, I love my sons. Mwah Mwah.
Now they’re off till next Tuesday!

7 thoughts on “My Mojo is Back.

  1. Why oh why does the school do that? They should just start school on Tuesday.
    Glad your Mojo is back. After the marathon is the JT concert!

  2. All i can say is thank god the Japanese holidays are generally so much shorter than the american ones otherwise all my vacations would be to the psych hospital! What was that you were mumbling about a 5k? You lost me at “run/running.” Is that English? Totally unfamiliar with the concept as it sounds horribly close to “sweating.”

  3. If I can run 5K then anyone can! 😉 Good luck with it though. My mission this year is to complete the same 5K again but in half the time. It is important to have goals! 😉

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