Heart Searching.

Seems my mojo isn’t back at all, it’s going to just wander in and out like a wayward child. Never mind.
Speaking of wayward children, the chicklets have been superb all week. There has been hardly any bloodshed.
This has everything to do with my superior parenting skills and nothing whatsoever to do with the Wii keeping them occupied.
Sunday dawned chilly but sunny.
After my morning coffee I went and did my ‘run’. This made me think the temperature was 10 degrees hotter than it actually was, so I decided to tackle our little garden. gather all the rubbish, pull out the dead etc.
I’d been out there about half an hour when Kev, yes Kev, came out and asked if I needed any help.
Indeed I do my love, said I.
So he helped me bag up the rubbish and cut down all the dried out dead stuff. We made a bonfire and shoved some sweet potatoes in.
Before I knew it, the Man, Doris and Jim were all out helping and great progress was made. I think Sunshine wanted to help but she was upstairs on the phone ‘studying’ with Big Love 2.
As Kevvers hacked at the stalks he casually asked if there was any chance, later in the day, that I might see fit to drive him to Joshin, to buy a Super Mario Wii software with his New Year’s money.
I said that indeed I thought I might be able to fulfill that small wish if we managed to get everything done.
The potatoes were done and the chicks ate them out of foil around the fire.
I found about 100 hidden green mini tomatoes and made a mental plan to look into chutney recipes.
It was a labour intensive day, and actually thank goodness for the chicks picking up the dead twigs and hauling them to the fire and bagging other rubbish or my back would have given out about 20 minutes in.
It was late afternoon by the time we were done and after a quick clean up Kev, Jim and I headed off to Joshin.

Well alack and alas, when we got there they had sold out of the particular Mario Bros Kev wanted.
I was buggered! I was hungry. The roads were packed because *everyone* goes family shopping on Sundays.
Kev and Jim asked if we could maybe drive to Aeon, another 30 minutes away, if the roads are clear.
I said we could, indeed we could, and he had been a huge help and very pleasant to be with all day, BUT, I was buggered, the roads were packed, could they, would they, look deep into their wide and spacious hearts and see if there was anyway they could see themselves letting me take them first thing in the morning, it being a public holiday and all, therefore no school.

They said they could indeed look. And in they went.
They searched long and hard. They searched far and wide.
Searching the recesses of their lovely hearts. Checking each chamber. taking their little maglites from Santa they peered into crevices, crevasses and caverns. They shone their little lights where no light had shone before.
The put on their little flippers and masks and dived deep into the still waters at the very bottom of their hearts, no stone was left unturned.
The peered into the abyss.
But to no avail, sorry, no, cannot see a way to put off till tomorrow what can be done today.
Thanks for trying guys.
Off we went, joining the bumper to bumper traffic. Queue for 20 mins just to get into the car park. get to Joshin, locate software, last one on the shelf, queue for 20 mins at the counter. Buy vittals for dinner. Queue for 20 mins to get out of the car park and bumper to bumper it home.
The bumper to bumper situation allowed Kev to indulge in his numbers obsession, where he creates mini maths from numbers he sees. Usually confined to the digital clock in the car, he was now surrounded by number plates he had the time to look at, so we spent the journey with Kev yelling out,
‘ LOOK!! 24-39, 2+4+3=9. 72-14, 7-2-1=4. ”
I’ll confess, I grew tired of it after a while, but I refrained from mentioning that.
Myself and my desire to go on living were ready to part company, just about to bow poiltely to each other, say sayonara and go our separate ways, when we reached the homestead and I saw how tidy everything was outside, and I could still smell the fire and the potatoes, and we postponed the farewells for another day.

11 thoughts on “Heart Searching.

  1. Oh lord, what can the matter be, here I am stuck in thelavortaory..hey man, it aint what it;s s’sposed to be…nobody knows we are here….

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