Showing Up!

I’m showing up to bloggity blog because the longer I sit around reading other people’s blogs the harder it seems to get to get back into my own. I suppose one of the good things about blogs is, no one is forced to read them, just click away!
Not much has been happening here this week, no ups or downs, no highs or lows.
We are STILL waiting to find out if Kev will transfer into the new school which is driving me a bit nuts, because if he does, a lot will change and I want to try and get ahead of it but we’re stuck in limbo on that.
January is always a bit blah with the post festivities come down and the cold weather, though compared to the UK we can’t complain about cold here really, but I will anyway cos I hate the damn cold.
This time last year I was just getting back from my fabulous trip to D.C. for the inauguration and meeting the wonderful Nicky for the first time and re-connecting with old and dear friends that I rarely get to see.
Again, not knowing what’s going to happen with Kev’s school I can’t really make any travel plans for this year. It’ll cost a kidney to send him which won’t leave many saleable kidneys for exotic travel.
Okay I’m done with this waffle. I’ve shown up, hope I’ve kick started the mojo. now I’ll wash the dishes.

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