I’m confused. I am much of the time.
Why does a woman who carries out a ‘mercy’ killing on her son, to end an horrific and painful existence, get jailed for 9 years, and two boys
who carry out the most heinous attack on two other young boys get a maximum custodial sentence of 5 years.
I think I might have to stop reading the news.
I had a conversation about the following with a friend and I said I had considered mentioning it here but thought maybe that just perpetuates it.
I’ve decided to go ahead.
I read the news online, I don’t get a daily paper. Often at the end of a ‘news’ article ( and how often is it news anyway) readers can comment.
That’s good, freedom of speech and all that, good to read others’ opinions, a good idea in theory, but why, why do people feel the need to be so damn nasty , so gratuitously nasty?
Example. There was a picture of Jamie Oliver and his family enjoying the snow. I get that not everybody likes him, you don’t have to like him that’s fine, but this picture was just him and his family enjoying the snow.
Someone wrote, ‘he’s such a twat’. Why? Why write that?
Maybe he is a twat, but why go to the bother of logging in and leaving that comment?
Someone else wrote that he shouldn’t have had his his baby forward facing in the snuggly. Again, maybe that’s true. Information on what you should and shouldn’t do with babies changes every five minutes, who knows, but all there was, was one photo. Maybe he turned her around to better see how lovely the snow was, we don’t know, we weren’t there, it was just a family photo!
If you don’t like something, something else is just a click away.
whatever happened to ‘if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything’ ?

Rather than taking this off, I will add ,I just read another report about the sentence of the two boys which said ‘5 years minimum’ and probably ‘considerably longer’. So I’m less confused now, but will leave post as is.

3 thoughts on “Confused.

  1. Some people just live in really small worlds, almost as small as their minds, and are looking for ways to be relevant so they make nasty comments to feel better about themselves. Or so I believe.

  2. I think people with inferiority complexes are more likely to leave nasty, critical comments in a way that compensates for their own lack of confidence / opportunities. That’s my theory. As for sentencing and the Law. I have no idea what goes through some of these judges minds. It’s all so arbitrary when it should be very clear. That’s the biggest problem.

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