Family Films.

Wonders will never cease…. etc, went to work yesterday afternoon, Jim came with me, Sunshine and Kev stayed home to do their homework, Doris had a softball tournament and came over later, we get back, Sunshine had cleaned the kitchen and Kev had cleaned the living room and folded all the washing!!! What superstars!
We had finger food at the table in the living room, sushi, prawns, crispy lotus root etc and prepared to watch the Golden Globes.
I love that my kids love films, I love that my daughters want to put names to famous faces, I love that after perhaps 30 years of making films, GREAT films, being arguably the greatest living actress, that Kev sees Meryl Streep and sings Dancing Queen.
We were the film, we were a family in a film, eating and laughing and all enjoying the same thing at the same time.Sharing a moment.
The modern day Waltons.

We compiled a list of all the films we want to see.

I am a huge fan of Ricky Gervais but I didn’t think he was very good, trying too hard maybe.
I was inspired by a montage of Martin Scorsese films to try and watch all of them this year, even the ones I’ve already seen I want to watch them again.

Meryl Streep on winning said ” I’ve played so many extraordinary women I’m being mistaken for one” What humility, what grace.

March 8th, the Academy Awards can’t wait.

It was a great evening.

4 thoughts on “Family Films.

  1. I love Ricky Gervais but must admit he’s only great when he’s got a great script… presenting award ceremonies isn’t really his bag; I wonder why he does them (apart from the money).

  2. Ricky Gervais is, I think, being a bit greedy and will soon be a huge sell-out superstar who is not funny, but everyone knows him so they will tune in to his stuff anyway.

    I hope not though. The office was outstanding, and I also liked Extras. But Ghost town was crap! Yawn…

    Sounds like a great evening though – what fun!

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