Private Practice.

Private Practice was one of my big projects this week. It’s important to have goals, and my goal was to watch all of season 1 this week.
It wasn’t too hard as there were only 9 episodes. I really enjoyed it AND it was informative. in one case a girl who was training to run in the Olympics, collapsed without warning on the track! Note To Self; take it easy on the running, don’t push yourself! Good to know.
I’ve also been reading a lot, not just celeb news online and other people’s brilliant blogs, but actual books. The cold lends itself to curling up on the sofa under a blanket while the kids are monopolising the TV.
There’d be more ready wit and rapid repartee but I promised young Kev we’d make shepherd’s pie.

3 thoughts on “Private Practice.

    • Steve,Too true, the modern day version of storing nuts and finding a dry cave. Must pop to Amazon and see what they have….

      Elisa, I’ve only watched those 9 episodes so far and enjoyable as it was I am not as invested in the characters as I was with GA for 5 and half seasons. Still reeling from George……

  1. I like Private Practice, the characters are much more likable than the ones in Grey’s Anatomy IMO. Well done on watching all of Season 1! Now go on and watch the rest 😉

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