Playing The Field.

No not me, I’m not. I am watching it though on dvd.
I bought it just because Lesley Sharp is in it, I’d never heard of it before.
” Another Northern sky,
another motorway parade..”
love the theme song.
I bought it on a whim, a Lesley Sharp whim, and we all know how cheap thing seems when you are paying online.
Then the first two seasons arrived and I was hooked, so I bought the next two, and before you know it , my house is trashed and I’ve done nothing all week.
Mother Mullen and her Great Northern Busom, thank gawd for my wide screen TV, so I get the full effect. Haven’t seen a Great Northern Busom like that since my Grandma.
I’ve noticed too that British TV allows women with bigger bottoms on. At first I thought it was my new TV distorting things, but now I know US TV has strict regulations on bottom size for TV, only very small bottoms get any air time, fortunately the Brits are more lenient and we see some realistic bottom size.
Only season 5 left.
” Another Northern sky, another motorway parade…”

3 thoughts on “Playing The Field.

  1. Rather ironic isn’t it? The only people with small bottoms in the US are the ones on tv. The rest of us “got back!” (and sides and fronts and ….)

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