How Many Coats Are You Going To Put On ?

Well seems like The Man isn’t the only one with a gizmo. Uncle Brick turned up with a gizmo that means I can plug my external HD into the telly and watched stuff on my big screen. As my viewing options widen exponentially I may have to give up either my job or the kids.

Last night we babysat Uncle Brock’s kids for the first time, while he and his wife had a much needed night out, by night out I mean 90 minutes in the restaurant down the road.
Sunshine has been babysitting for them on weekend since T was born 2 and half years ago. I was amazed at how good she was with them, T especially is rather attached to her, and when he had a mini exorcist moment, as two year olds tend to do, she was the only one who could calm him down. It was really enjoyable actually and as I wandered around picking things up, washing the odd dish with little K in a sling on my back, it too me right back, and I sort of missed it. Physically life with older kids is so much easier, but mentally, gawd, I wish for simpler times, times when a rocking, a carrying, a few verses of Bat Out of Hell brought peace and serenity to the home.
Now it’s a constant state of damage control and negotiation.

Uncle Brick is taking three of mine to see “Where The Wild Things Are” today, no doubt followed by food/bowling/game centres etc, anywhere where they feel they can test the elasticity of his wallet.

Sunshine is meeting Big Love 2 and so is applying what appears to be the 19th coat of nail polish.
I myself will work.
I have given my chicklets a nutritious brecky of left over pizza and corn soup, thus fullfilling my daily quota for Random Acts of Kindness.

Kev is suddenly into yoga and I promised him a morning workout, hope this makes him all relaxed and zen-ish.
So onto downward dog and full moon……

3 thoughts on “How Many Coats Are You Going To Put On ?

  1. Your doom and gloom tales aside, I cannot wait until the day mine are old enough to be moody sulking prats locking themselves in their rooms, refusing to talk to me, and generally embarressed and ashamed of my existence. I have big plans for revenge. Big plans I tell you. Why do you think I have 1267 pictures and counting of my naked nudist son?!

  2. I know what you mean – our 2 year old requires more intense but simple attention while the 8 year old needs to be told (embroiled in lengthy negotiations and peace deals) for hours at a time before threats to ban him from the PlayStation finally register.

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