Humanity Is Saved.

Seriously, all faith in humanity has been restored, with just one simple gesture.
Do you, like me, read the news and feel full of despair.
Do you shake your head and wonder what on Earth the world has come to, do you wonder if perhaps the doomsdayers, the armageddonists are right?
Do you look at the way people behave and find it unfathomable?
Well I dedicate this to my J-Gals,( you know who you are) they will not believe this without photographic evidence, but I swear it’s true, not a word of lie, and I am still reeling from the shock.
I went into the 7/11 for my fags on the way home. There was a guy approaching the door in front of me, he definitely had right of way, and I kid you not, HE HELD THE DOOR OPEN FOR ME, yes indeed, for real, ‘maji de’. Not even a half-lean-back, so I could follow him through on HIS open door and hold it for myself, no no no, not that that ever happens here either, he stood aside, opened the door and let me in ahead of him.

I told Sunshine when I got in, she too is in shock, only copious amounts of chocolate will restore her, she said,
” Was it the 7/11 man?”
I said, ” No, just a customer guy, chap, man.”
She said, ” A normal guy? I’ve never heard of anything like it, I’m shaken to the core, pass me the kit-kats.”
Times, they are a changing, good things are coming, dawning of a brand new age and all that.

9 thoughts on “Humanity Is Saved.

  1. SEE! This is exactly why you need an iPhone — you could have snapped photographic evidence to prove this faitytale in seconds. Without proof I am afraid I am just going to assume you were drunk and/or hallucinating.

  2. next thing you know they will be asking to buy your fags for you too – your glow must be catchy!

    the revolution WILL NOT BE TELEVISED! (or photographed by iPhone)

    • Well if it isn’t photographed and televised and endorsed by an NHK “expert” this revolution is doomed to fail in japan. Just saying….

  3. Tiktiki, I just realised, maybe, just maybe Random Acts of Kindness is catching on here.

    Steve, I believe you, you are charm itself ( is that spelled right, I’m confused) A very charming man.

    Swk, even if I had one, I’d have been too stunned to whip it out and snap a pic.

  4. I think I’m going to need more than an NHK expert. It’s going to take a reanactment with little dolls for me to believe. The part of Trina being played by Midge (barbies friend).

  5. I was raised to hold the door for all others. In college, I had to retrain myself because some of the ultra-feminist persuasion found it insulting when men insinuated with their thinly veiled chivalry that women were not perfectly capable of opening the door themselves. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t… Oh damn! Now I try to open the door for others but it can get awkward in Japan when people don’t know how to react.

  6. here, if i hold the door open…people think i am the door lady and in comes a stream of about 100 people entering as you stand there thinking who is going to hold the door next and why did i hold the door open in the first place, and not just push through like the others….

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