Joy and Gladness and Fluffiness Everywhere.

Joy is back, filling my life and house with hope and happiness. I pormosie ( by which I mean promise, but I quite like pormosie) I am really not bi-polar!!
Oh why so joyful Miss B? I hear you ask.
Because, and sit down people who know me, I ran 3kms. YAY for me.
For the first time I realised I might actually make my 5km goal. Go me!!
All doom and gloom is gone, my angelic chicklets basking in a bright white light, part sun, part halo, part glare from big screen.

I knew something was going to happen yesterday, when young Jim said he wanted to eat cake.
And I for no apparent reason, entirely out of character, said, ‘good idea young chap, let’s make one’
He said, ( I thought rather rudely ) ‘you don’t know how.’
” Oh ye of little faith, that’s what books are for.” said I.
And low and behold a cake was made, a plain old, common or garden yummy chocolate sponge.
Yes it looked like a UFO, but it tasted fine, ‘damn fine’ I’ll say.

Further good news, 20 mins ago got a fax from Steiner, we have an interview on Wed.
Let’s get crossing bits shall we.
Have a joyous day, one and all.

8 thoughts on “Joy and Gladness and Fluffiness Everywhere.

    • Hey, I signed up for that Fun(?) Run water thingamebob too. In Kobe. It’s the same one you are planning to do, right? I, sadly, have not run 3kms or even 3 seconds. But I’m going to take the dog for a walk today. How hard can running 6km be? Rhetorical question. I’m in denial.

      • Janina, that’s brilliant, I think there’ll be quite a gang of us there,( maybe we should run with ETJ/JALT banners LOL) and aside from the run there is supposed to be all sorts of events too,
        concerts, yattai etc.
        Don’t know if I can run 6 either but I figure worst case scenario I can walk 6. Actually no, that isn’t a bad scenario, worst would be, registering to run and having people ( my kids?) who have registered to walk stroll past me 😉

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