I know, I know, it’s February already, so I don’t know that it still counts as Hatsumode ( first visit to the shrine of the New Year).
In fact I might have gone at New Year with the outlaws and everyone, I can’t even remember. 20 years of Hatsumodes have all blended into one.

Anyhoo, up at our local, and extremely beautiful temple on the first Sunday of the month is a sort of farmers market. It used to be huge and bustling but not there is only a few stalls but it is a great place to get very cheap organic produce.
I thought one of the chicklets would come with me but when I invited them along they looked at me like I was a mad woman, in fact I heard my mother’s voice on my left shoulder saying ” Have you taken leave of your senses?”

To a man they all said, ‘but it’s Sunday, it’s a day of rest, it’s a yasumi.’
I said, ‘exactly, we have neither work nor school, therefore are free to climb the 2000 steps up the mountain to the temple.’
They didn’t even bother answering me, so I dillied and dallied, then struck a compromise with myself. At 9, Uncle Brick was picking up Sunshine,
I would cadge a lift up and walk back down with my bounty.
So I did, it was cold but sunny.
I did my business, lit the incense, banged the bell, stroked the lucky cow and gave up good thoughts for our continued health, wealth and happiness.

Then I scored some great veggies very cheaply and began my descent.
On the way down there was a little shop selling fresh made bread and a selection of jams. I bought cranberry and walnut.
The thought of the toast I was going to make spurred me on.
Unfortunately when it came to the toast I couldn’t get the lid off the jam.
Doris tried, she is the strongest one in the house, Hell she is the strongest person I know. Kev wanted a go, no luck, possibly because he was trying to unscrew and hold the remote control at the same time.
Young Jim wanted to try his hand, I laughed a little ( possibly condescending) laugh and passed it to him, this is a kid can barely get a tissue out of the box.
Well miracle of miracles, the jam is open.
‘ Thanks love, now, who wants toast with cranberry and walnut jam?”

” Have you taken leave of your senses woman?”

3 thoughts on “Hatsumode.

  1. A tip for getting the lids of belligerent jars. Hold the jar upside down and bang it hard, lid down, onto a hard flat surface. Then unscrew. Works everytime!

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