A Day Unlike Many Others Part 1. ( because I know you care)

It started out great, I had a plan to go to Osaka, ooh the big city and have lunch with a friend. A very very funny friend I might add, so I knew I’d laughing my arse off all day. I got up at dawns first crack to prepare myself for the big trip ( 20 mins on the train).
I woke Sunshine at half past 5 so she could have a shower and start applying mascara in time for school.
There was no hot water. Our hot water heater has been dodgy for a couple of weeks, but I’ve thus far managed to get it going again by pulling the plug in and out a few times, a handy tip The Man, an electrician, taught me.
I didn’t work this time so I’d have to call the repair centre at 9. The same thing had happened a couple of years ago and apparently the remote in the bathroom had lost contact with the mothership in the kitchen and we’d just had to buy a new remote control set.
Sunshine suggested not going to school ( ” I can’t go looking like this” ) I suggested boiling a kettle, even offered to boil it for her, there was snorting. Nevermind.

All chicklets out by 8, went for my morning walk with my friend, came back, called repair centre, they said someone would come at 7 this evening. Perfect.

Set off for the station and I suddenly remembered the guy holding the door open for me. People, 3 days later I am still getting joy from that, so non J people does that tell you how unusual it is?
So I’m tripping down the mountain, grinning away, thinking how nice people are, all people, all people everywhere.
Now there is only a very narrow footpath on one side of the road, so if someone is coming up as you go down,someone has to step off.
Not a problem. I see an old man coming up as I go down. As we near each other, I turned around to make sure no cars were coming up behind me so I could step off, and the old man finds a little nook to stand in and says, ‘ no no no, I’ll wait it’s okay’ so I picked up speed to not keep him waiting and he said’ slow down, where’s the fire? I’m not in a hurry.” he goes on to say, ” the person coming up should always step off because they can see the on coming traffic.” How lovely thought I. Another lovely person.
I got to the station still thrilling about this.
On the platform I leaned again a vending machine and I was looking around at people and smiling like a raving lunatic nicely at people, and thinking again, how very many wonderful people there are in the world at large and in my life in particular and how wonderful life is in general, and here, right now, when some guy SHOVED me out of the way of the coin slot, without even a sumimasen ( excuse me) he shoved me so hard I almost crossed the magic yellow line that I have taught my children to never ever cross unless they are boarding the train.
Such was my joy this morning, it just made me laugh. Then suddenly I saw a friend, a good friend, I would say one of my very best friends here and she was taking the train to Osaka too, so MORE JOY, we get to chat a while.
So the train ride was fun and we made cinema plans.
Then I met my friend Solly and as expected I spent the next few hours laughing my arse off. Solly is off travelling the world for a year, off to do exciting wonderful things and write a book about them, ( someone remind me to put her blog on my blogroll please. ), a super day it was, but after a lovely Indian lunch an stroll around America Mura it was time for me to go home.
So home I came, ready to blog all about the lovely day I’d had and how many wonderful people there are in the world.
Then the phone rang………………

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