A Day Unlike Many Others Part 2.

So the phone rang, actually to back track a moment as I was staggering back up the hill, near my house, I bumped into Kev coming home, he said he wanted to go back to play in the school field with some other kids. OTHER KIDS, Hell fire this day gets better and better. Of course you can go my love. I had to take Jim to ENT at 5.30 so I told Kev to meet us there as it’s near the school.
I get in, I go to check my emails and THEN the phone rings. It’s Doris.
” The school nurse says I need stitches.”
” I disagree, I don’t think you ‘need’ stitches, I think you need to need to let your body work it’s self-healing magic.”
” I want stitches”.
Okay then, I’ll come and pick you up.
Now on the subject of medical intervention, some would say I am too slack, maybe I am, but I do think that left to it’s own devices the body works it out. I belive that without stitches her finger probably would have had a slight bump on the end, I have one myself from when I sliced my own finger.
So I grab Jim and we go to pick up Doris. Quandry! There is a hospital close to ENT but I don’t like it, a much much better place is a bit of a drive away and what to do about Kev? The boys could go to ENT on their own but then they’d have to walk home by themselves. Not good.
Go to the school to pick up Kev and pray that he doesn’t have a thrombosis over the change of plan. he didn’t. Well not in the first 5 minutes anyway.
Drive to other hospital.
Once there I call and cancel ENT appointment, which I had rescheduled from last Thursday because Jim was fast asleep, I rescheduled for later this week and the minute I hung up I remembered that I can’t go that day because Doris will be coming back from a school trip and I promised I’d pick her and her friends up from the bus.
See Doc. who says, if we don’t stitch it she’ll have an odd bump on her finger. She doesn’t want an odd bump on her finger, she’ll take the stitches please.
He gives her an anaesthetic which looked very painful, big long needle, she wasn’t best pleased, then they left us alone for 15 minutes to let it kick in.
She said ( repeatedly) You don’t know how much that hurt.
I tried with the ‘there there-ing’ it’s okay, it’s over now, you’re so brave, you’re so strong, you won’t feel a thing with the stitches, but then I ran out of platitudes and it sort of bugged me a bit, so I thought I should distract her, tell her about when I had an operation and had to have 18 injections in my face, nothing!, and you know kids in pain love that, when you stop talking about them and focus on your own pain.
So I moved onto, ” I had an op on my eyelid and had 14 injections in my eye,” nothing, I had nothing left but my trump card, my ace, “well, when your sister was born I had to have my bum stapled!”
” Ow! don’t tell me I don’t want to know.”
Mission accomplished.
She said, she wished she hadn’t told everyone she did it cutting cabbage, she thinks she should have said she did it saving a child’s life, or one of the cats was trying to get on the knife and saving the cat the knife fell on her.
She was stitched, she was fine, but said she’d probably have a scar.
I say,”that’s okay darling, it’s just part of your story.”
She says what do you mean?
I said, ” you know as you’re growing up, things happen and they mark you in small or big ways and one day someone asks you how you got that mark or scar and you tell them, and it’s your story, you just say ” I got it saving a kid’s life”.
So the Doc asks us to come back on Friday. Doris’ school skiing trip is on Wed, can she go skiing. ” No” says he. ” she should not ski”
That’s sad.
” And she shouldn’t get it wet either, so be careful in the bath”.
It was at that moment I remembered the repair guy was coming at 7 and I now had 20 minutes to get home.
Pay, a not unsubstantial fee for medical attention, jump in car and realise I have two teaspoons of petrol left. Get petrol, get home,
2 minutes later the repair guy comes.
I told him what I thought the problem was, and inretrospect think perhaps that not a good approach, they probably don’t like hearing the problem form entirely clueless old housewives.
As it turns out I was wrong. It isn’t the remote control system, it’s a burst pipe and something else which is going to cost us 90,000 yen to repair ( 600 quid-ish) and we might be better thinking about replacing the system all together ( 1500 quid).
He’s jigged it so we can use it for a few days but it won’t last long, I need a hot bath, my relax pants and Cold Case at 10.
It’s been quite aday.

7 thoughts on “A Day Unlike Many Others Part 2.

  1. NO GOOD has ever come from a Japanese school nurse either. Coleslaw and a school nurse – the combo cursed you, thus the 90,000 yen you are out. For another 90,000 I’ll come perform a coleslaw-nurse exorcism!

    • sherry, i beg to differ…… last week the jr high school nurse arrived at my house, in a taxi, with my son, to escort us to a plastic surgeon so that he could have his face repaired after it collided with a fist…. she payed for the taxi, stayed with us the whole time and then took us home, paying again for the taxi….she was a big help and nice support to have along with us…

      i hope that doris’ finger heals up nicely and that she doesn’t have to go to the doctor every day for a wound check…..

      • Fair enough, but what you view as help and support I see as intrusive and lack of boundaries. Shall we agree to disagree. 🙂

  2. When it rains it pours. If you had a cuisinart you wouldn’t have to worry about fingers getting chopped up and if you had an iPhone all your appts would be neatly organized and there is also an iPhone firstaid app that could have guided you. There must be a diy app too which might save you 90000yen.
    Can’t help with the gas. That you still have to get on your own.

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