To Ski Or Not To Ski….

Today Doris has gone off to Hyogo Prefecture on the school skiing trip. After much dithering and dallying, it was decided that Doris will NOT ski on the skiing trip. She can go with her manky finger but will not be allowed to ski. She herself actually agreed to this because the anaesthetic needle she had the day before yesterday has scared the living daylights out of her, she does not want to go there again.
Despite this she was very chirpy and really looking forward to the bus ride and the mealtimes and the overnight stay.
Sunshine did the same trip a few years back, though some things have changed because of * dreadful* behaviour on the part of some kids that year, students are no longer permitted to take snacks.

In sunshine’s year, some reprobate delinquents kids actually came up with the idea to smuggle in a few packs of eats to have a midnight feast. The wickedry of it, what dark and twisted mind could concieve of such a plan on a school trip.
On their return, somehow the teachers found out about the contraband Pockys and all hell was let loose. 2 days of lessons lost while all the students were frog marched into the gym for lectures on deceit and rule breaking and general inappropriate behaviour. On the second day they were each given a piece of paper and ordered to name names, McCarthyism is alive and well in Ikoma. Smoke came out my ears at this point and I was prompted to make yet another call to the school expressing my disapproval.
Back in my day school trip contraband was more likely to be a bottle of Woodpecker cider and 20 B and H, and we considered it a roaring success if no one came home pregnant.

So Doris and her year are paying for the sins of those who went before and couldn’t keep their grubby hands off the chocolate.
There is also to be no
mobile phones ( fair enough)
DS, PSP etc ( equally fair)
Ipods ( ?)
comics ( one ‘proper’ book each)
and finally, and I kid you not,
NO JENGA, because we all know what debauchery Jenga leads to.
So far it’s looking like too much fun my brain hurts.
3 years of JHS here and everyone is more than prepared to enlist.

11 thoughts on “To Ski Or Not To Ski….

  1. Hey but condoms and weed aren’t on the banned list. All hope is not lost! Although what will they do when they get the munchies?

    My poor kids. They have no idea the horror that awaits their teenage years with a mess with ’em mom like me!!

  2. Oh that takes me back to our school trip (mumble) years ago…we went to a mountain lodge in the winter and as you point out contraband was almost compulsory! Our dorm was the naughtiest apparently, I can’t recall why, but we had to spend a very cold half hour running about the netball courts at night in our nighties and tramping boots as a punishment!

    • I know! I was once once staying in a London hotel when hundreds of American majorettes were on a trip. Jeez there was running up and down the corridor all night, in and out of each other’s rooms, lost shirts, smoking, can of lager everywhere,I thought, ‘ Now THAT is what I call a school trip.

  3. at the annual Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) Convention in Niagara Falls, we were known to sneak down to the disco in the hotel (in monogram sweaters from England). you know me. they found me there the next morning … though that was not my plan.

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