Steiner update, after hours of interview yesterday we have to wait until next Friday to find out if we are through to the final round.
Not that it was Mastermind, but it was so damn intense my head was throbbing when we left and I lost all powers of concentration.
Today is a another national holiday, Foundation Day or something not sure, national hols not my specialist subject.
Grey skies, rain all day, bored fractious boys who wouldn’t be distracted with anything despite my best efforts, prefering to fight and squabble about
who knows best how to hold the cats properly and other such crap I can’t even get my head around because my head is still reeling from yesterday’s interview.
Jim seems to be having some kind of bout of multiple personality disorder. I went to go in the garden and my shoes were gone, my birks. I tracked them down on Jim’s feet in the park around the corner. There he was in my birks, wearing a Hawaiian shirt 3 sizes too big, his gym shorts from school and a huge gawdy BLING gold hoop earring he must have stolen from the coke dealer by the train station. I’m interested to see which is the dominant.
The Man and others have gone to pick Doris up from her fun-filled action packed non skiing ski trip, let’s hope no one got caught with anything illegal, like an unsharpened pencil or a non military issue tissue.
I think I might have a glass of red and see if I can say ‘non-military issue tissue’.
I missed her.

11 thoughts on “Holiday!

  1. Good grief, the coke dealer has an earring?
    Isn’t it funny how we miss the l’il darlings right up until they come home…

    • He had an earring, I think it’s Jim’s now;)
      Yeah, funny how that happens isn’t it, I sort of kind of miss them when they’re at school all day, then come 4.05 and I’m thinking ‘bloody H are they back already.’

  2. Jim isn’t going all Hollywood gangsta bling is he? A for Doris…. presumably they will let her play with the snow (after they’ve checked it for illegal substances, of course)?

  3. Back to reading blogs post-MUM and well,what a fun time you have been having.I am liking the sound of the earring…as well as the birks etc.The boy is making a statement.Yes indeedy.

    Would like to know what the skiing/non-skiing trip omiyage was…

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