3 out of 4 Ain’t Bad.

Last night I had 3 out 4 pipers down.
Jim is not getting any better but isn’t sick sick, dash back to Doc sick, just temp up and down, on/off appetite. Then Doris goes and gets herself a temp, plus headache plus sore throat. Sunshine followed soon after but bounced back quickly and was fine this morning.
Kev, Kev terminally in good health Kev was lamenting the unfairness of it all, the whole, bad things/good people monologue about how unfair it is, that he and he alone has to suffer good health.
Since he was a baby I think he’s only gotten ill once and it only lasted for half a day. As it was the day the renovation work started on our house and we had no LX/water/bathroom/rear wall I think it was more the Universe sending me a message than from Kev wishing too hard upon a star.

Sunshine is fine now health wise but in the foulest of moods because her exams start tomorrow and she hasn’t done any revision. In fact they had the day off today to revise and she has been lying under the kotatsu all day, TV remote in one hand phone in the other.

She was pretty rude and obnoxious over dinner so I said,
‘Ya know love, I know you are stressed about your exams but it doesn’t mean you can be rude to me’.
She said.
‘ I’m not stressed ( You should be!) and what do you care anyway, you don’t even care about me! ‘

WOAH! How on earth did we get to ‘ you don’t even care about me anyway’ so soon.
Usually that follows a lengthy battle, a vocal listing of the injustices and negligences heaped upon her, by me, since birth.
The extra scoops of ice-cream that lesser siblings received, the failure to give public thanks the time she put a spoon away unasked, how she recieved nothing and wanted for everything, how I wore green tye-dye trousers to the school sports day ‘on purpose’… por love, call CPS now.

The exams will be over in a week and my lovely will be returned to me.

Meanwhile TLC for two and another hot bath for me.

8 thoughts on “3 out of 4 Ain’t Bad.

  1. I sypmathise. Have been allowed home from work sick – temp, chills, soar throat. Oh and it’s snowing again. But I’m home on the sofa under a blanket so what do I care?

  2. Send sunshine to me for a visit. I am standing in line to buy an electric shock dog collar for my three year old son right this minute. A week with me and that girl will be counting her blessings.

  3. Oh joy, so thats what I’ve got to look forward to this year then eh? Scowly Teen – one minute she’s the most wonderful daughter and the next some alien gobshite has taken her over! I would also prescribe a vat of red wine to help with the batha nd the TLC (for you that is, not the Angst One)

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