Tragedy! When The Feeling’s Gone And You Can’t Go On…

A sister kicked a brother, the brother retaliated with what he had to hand, a plastic whistle. It was thrown by the boy, the girl ducked, it hit the TV.
My fab new flat screen TV is destroyed. 50,000 yen to repair. which is worse? No TV or no hot water?
If these things come in 3s, what’s next?
Oh! Maybe I’m safe, I forgot, about a week ago my vac was billowing smoke, maybe I’m done!

7 thoughts on “Tragedy! When The Feeling’s Gone And You Can’t Go On…

  1. The great god TV is dead? Might I suggest a new religion? Books?

    Aw who am I kidding? I’d be on the internet within minutes ordering a new one. And instigating a total house ban on whistles. And kids. Or maybe both.

  2. Oh no!!!! That is really awful. I know how you like your TV. Hope you win a scratch card or lottery to the tune of a replacement soon. There is a Samsung 42 inch flat screen going for 400 bucks in Almaty, I saw today in the expat newsletter, not that this is very much use to you. Our tv is so old and picture so poor that we cannot see DVDs from the other side of the room, so we were interested to see this advert, but are having a cash crisis and decided we couldn’t possibly invest!

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