Sanity Restored.

My TV was repaired today. All is well in my little corner of the world.
Had a pretty relaxing weekend too. Addict that I am I managed to watch the TV and ignore the huge vertical lines just off centre and also realised that the main camera angle of the speaker tends to be just a little off centre.
I had a list of things to do a mile long but my plans fell through and I spent much of the weekend watching Desparate Housewives season 3.
It’s not the greatest show on earth but it’s okay and certainly habit forming.
Saturday the chicklets were all busy with their own plans, even Kev, he went to a concert at the community centre with a friend.
So I was alone, alone, alone, but not in the least lonely and strangely once the chicklets had all left my desire to clean my house and prepare stuff for work next week seemed to leave me and I was on the sofa before they were through the garden gate.

6 thoughts on “Sanity Restored.

  1. I love the fact that you enjoy your telly so much! I try try try to just sofa and watch, but i nearly always put the computer on or end up texting someone if I am on my own, because I dont like to waste the spare time on just one activity. How tragic is that? Glad it is fixed.. Going to stock up on some series before I head back to kaz – think desperate HWs might be good for those middle of the night baby wont go back to sleep times.

  2. Agree with Marianne.. TV and PC are two things needed to survive with sanity in tact. I am in the middle of a serious “revise my finances” stage and should really be getting rid of my BT vision as it is technically a “luxury” but as it keeps me sane and gives me a way to entertain Joey, I upgraded it from luxury to necessity! 😉

  3. You know, the same thing happens to me. When everyone is home I feel like I need to bustle about and get things tidy but the minute I’m there by myself 9which hardly ever happens anyway) all thought and urge to clean disappears like magic! How cool is that eh?! Pass the jellybeans…

  4. I call this ‘Me Time’. We get a lot of it now that our chicklets are grown up and bring their own chicklet.

    Still don’t feel like bustling about.

    It’s just nice being quiet.

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