The Oscars!

Last week flew by so fast because work was so busy and I hardly got a chance to bloggitty blog. When I have the time I have nothing to blog about, but when I’m busy I’m storing them in my head ( not a safe storage idea) waiting for a chance to post.

Well for today before I forget, as I do every year, I went to my friend Trij’s house to watch The Oscars. As always it was such a good day with loads of laughs because Trij and her friends are such a funny and interesting gang of gals, who so graciously invite me to join them every year.

Personally I was pleased by the success of The Hurt Locker. I really enjoyed the film, Avatar, I did not enjoy. That said I can see why Avatar was up for Best Picture, it just isn’t my type of film. So choosing a winner between the two is not really possible, it’s like comparing the proverbial apples and oranges.
Notable points in the unusually short proceedings were, Tina Fey and Robert Downey Junior talking actors Vs writers, Ben Stiller, who couldn’t not be funny if he tried. Tim Robbins was hilarious in paying tribute to Morgan Freeman as was Stanley Tucci to Meryl Streep.
Sandra Bullock gave a funny, sincere, moving acceptance speech which will surely make it onto the ‘Best of..’ DVD.

An excellent day, an excellent start to my week.

If you’re a fan, did you watch? Did you agree with the Academy picks?

5 thoughts on “The Oscars!

  1. Totally missed it. For a moment there, reading your blog, I thought that Morgan Freeman had died but I am now surmising that he received some kind of lifetime achievement award type award? I didn’t mind Avatar but will freely admit that it is not a “great” film in terms of plot. The Hurt Lockers sounds far meatier and worthier in terms of its story.

  2. Sorry Steve, I tend to post the way I go through life, that is, assuming people know what on earth I am going on about.
    At the Oscars this year, in both the lead actor and actress categories 5 were nominated and prior to announcing they had five people who’d worked with the nominees talk about them. In some cases it was a bit cheesy and embarrassing but Stanley T and Tim R were very funny. Morgan was nominated for best actor for Invictus. he didn’t win, the Osacar went to Jeff Bridges.

  3. I really had you picked as someone who would like Avatar. I was against seeing it at first because I thought it wouldn’t be my cup of tea, but I really enjoyed the message of the film and managed to cry through most of it. It really made me think about Earth and what we are doing to it. I couldn’t possibly watch it again as it’s too sad but the message was very powerful.

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