Pleasant Surprises.

Finished work, picked up Jim from the dentist, picked up Kev, went home to dash around making dinner before I go back out for one more lesson.
Imagine my surprise to find Sunshine home.
The shopping had been delivered by the co-op, she’d put it all away, had started dinner and was busy whipping up a cheesecake.
Gawd I love that girl.
The cheesecake is a trial run, she wants to whip up a perfect one for Big Love 2 because they are approaching the sacred 7 month mark.
I was a little surprised the other day to find a book on the table titled, ” How To Please Your Lover’. When I faux casually asked whose it was, Sunshine claimed it.
I was even more surprised to discover it’s a cook book, full of recipes for heart-shaped fondant cream and luciously loaded cakes, that one’s lover will drool over apparently.
Then Doris got me when she stated that she has decided which High School she wants to go to. In fact she decided about 10 years ago because there is only one High School in the district with a girls’ soccer team, but seems she is nixing that plan and wants to go to a school that specialises in cooking.
I blame myself, my food is clearly so fabulous, my fine young women have been inspired by me and the magic I make in the kitchen. 😉

6 thoughts on “Pleasant Surprises.

  1. It’s great when they start to cook isn’t it! I am just waiting for the Scowly to get the hang of tidying up after her baking…

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