Let The Planning Begin!!

I don’t know why or what with but I seem to have been swamped with stuff to do these past couple of weeks and got off track with my pointless posts and my very pointful reading of other blogs.
Why just this week, on top of my normally busy- ness of work/kids/post office/bank etc, I have had to watch Up In The Air, The Illusionist, The Hurt Locker and Taking Chance again, All About Steve and Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs (twice). Not to mention trying to squeeze in a few Grey’s Anatomy re-runs and now Saturday nights have been commandeered by American Idol season 9.
( we’re behind so hold your spoilers folks).

Despite living a full and happy life in front of the TV, I have decided out of a clear blue sky that I am taking my fine young sons on a UK road trip this summer. I’m now getting all excited about where we’ll go and what we’ll see.
This decision, which I have been thinking about for a while was made when I got a phone call from a friend in the US, the lovely friend I saw in Washington last year, and she and some of her family will be in England in the summer, so a plan was hatched.
So far, coincidentally, everything I’m thinking to take them to seems to be in close proximity to friends offering me free accommodation for a night or two. How’s that for lucky!
Of course there will be much changing of minds, and refinancing of the home etc but so far on the list of places we must visit are;

LONDON where there are a gazillion things to do with small boys.

Horsham. Where my friend Matt lives. His house is conveniently located very close(ly) to his beautiful, spacious garden where I’d like to sit for a couple of days.
Also not far from Brighton where the tinies can enjoy some good old English seaside.

Stonehenge. Kev has a book about SH and has expressed a desire to go.
I have bothered to take them all before but as Kev and Jim were only 2 and 3 years old,but they have not bothered to remember the experience. To be fair, it was cold, windy and raining and we’d been in the car for about 6 hours at that point so I’ve done what I can to forget it myself.

Then possibly, STROUD.

Stratford upon Avon.
My favourite place, possibly of no interest whatsoever to the tinies and doubt I can get them to sit through a play at the theatre, but I would like to spend a day there, perhaps in between thatched cottages they can see barges, they like that kind of thing.

Warwick Castle.
I went when I was 10 and it was the best castle I’ve ever been to. Think the boys will enjoy it.

Head north with stops in Nottingham and Chesterfield. Nottingham to visit relatives, Chesterfield to catch up with the lovely James and his family.
He has 3 kids so he’s bound to know of something fun.

Then onto my home town, the thriving, bustling metropolis of Harrogate.
Where I shall thrill the boys showing them where I went to school, the bikesheds I smoked behind, where my grandma lived, where their grandma lived, where their grandma and grandad got married, I can just see their rapt faces now, can’t you?

Next stop Scotland but as yet no concrete plans.

Aside from the fact that I’m not really all that keen on driving, and, I’m directionally challenged, and, wherever I’m going I have to be there before it gets dark because I’m a vampire because my eyesight isn’t good at night, it has all the making of a fabulous trip don’t you think???

All suggestions welcome, nothing set in stone as yet, particularly looking for suggestions like…’ don’t you know that isn’t there anymore…’

12 thoughts on “Let The Planning Begin!!

  1. I’ve started reading your blog. I am trying to work out what is going on and who is who, – it is a bit like starting to watch the Waltons half way through series 6, but nonetheless I will persevere – one question – how on earth do you watch all this TV?

    • Multi-tasking BenM, multi-tasking. Trij believes I made a pact with the devil, but it ain’t true. Just by hook or by crook I get things done and of course my house is always trashed!!

  2. OK,I need to hear dates now.Just realised(doh!) that me and my girls(perfect to compliment you and yer boys) may possibly be in the same area at the same time.Horsham is just a stones throw from my mums place near Woking(go on and do a “Nati Google”).Just think of all the pubs that are visitable in between the 2 places…Wheeeee!

  3. Well, if you hit my neck of the woods (Warwick & Leamignton) you may want to try Kenilworth Castle as well as Warwick. It’s not as grand as Warwick Caslte (which is a glorified theme park since Tussaud’s took it over) and s a proper ruin… but for me it has loads more atmosphere… and hey, you could even come into Leamington Spa and check out The Royal Pump Rooms (where I work)!

    • Kenilworth sounds good, I’ll see how well castles go over with the boys, they saw the dungeons at Warwick on line and they are def. up for that.
      Maybe I will turn up at the RPRs in Leamington see how they compare with the RPRs in Hgte?( which I haven’t been to for about 30 years)

  4. If you’re going to Chesterfield try Chatsworth House. The gardens are lovely.

    Haddon Hall is worth a call too as is Hardwick House.

    Then there are the Peaks themselves as well as the Derwent resevoirs. And go to The Plough just outside Hathersage for your lunch.

    I could give you a huge list…but I’d better not.

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