Dialing Back The Joy.

Just dialing it all back a notch here. Called the travel agent for tickets yesterday morning and got a nasty nasty shock.
I knew they’d be more in the summer hols but not that much more! So need to re-think my plans, either scale back or postpone or we’ll be in the poor house by Xmas and I don’t think they have turkey in there. Workwise I can’t leave any earlier than July 18th and that is exactly when the prices grow wings and soar, so will have more coffee and craft new plan.

8 thoughts on “Dialing Back The Joy.

  1. I know that feeling. It lead to us having a “staycation” last year. It was surprisingly enjoyable but the views weren’t really remarkable.

    • Well I’d be quite up for that if I hadn’t already got excited, but it does make sense to wait till about October and then go. I wonder if I am just being too miserly, but I can’t stand the thought of paying over a thousand pounds ( per ticket) when they’ll be about 450 post-summer!!

  2. Oh No …that cannot be… I had booked us into the ‘Learn how to boil a carrot whole whilst slagging off all foreigners’ class that they run every Thursday at our local Adult Education Centre …and its accredited šŸ™‚ I keep my hopes as high…

  3. Haworth Moor in October is so much more atmospheric than in the Summer…and tush..you can’t eat Tomato Soup in July x

  4. šŸ˜¦ That is a bummer but you are right, the summer is the most insanely expensive time to travel. I don’t think we will be going away this year either as a result. (Although I am fairly sure that Joey and I will have alot of fun if I just take some time off work for a change so it is all good!) Would you be able to travel in October though? You know you are always welcome at mine, although I know you already have accommodation sorted in London. xx

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