Last Lunch

Today is the last school lunch until the beginning of April, even though the chicklets don’t break up till next Thursday, then we have two full weeks of fun and games, what will we do , what will we do?
I love the end of the school year because we can toss out almost all the books and endless, endless mountains of worksheets and renew our optimism to stay on top of things. It’s kind of like getting another shot at New Year. My resolution is to have at all times, at least half a clue to what is going on.
The 6km run is looming and I’m still stuck, I think it’s mental, I think when I’m actually surrounded by folk running and there is a (far far away) goal
at the end, rather than just a nice cup of coffee waiting for me, I might be able to pull it out.
Meanwhile my new TV addiction has to be WEEDS, so funny, loving it. Yesterday I was in and out the house between classes and each time I put an episode on while I was folding washing/packing my bag etc.
I got a shock when I realised I had seen 4 episodes already, I kept checking the clock and it didn’t seem to be moving much, I thought my phenomenal power of machines was finally doing some good and I could now actually bend time rather than just stop clocks, but the episodes were only 26 mins each, so I guess I’m just a normal person again. My super powers have gone.

3 thoughts on “Last Lunch

  1. Oh I don’t know… I think all parents have some sort of superpower. Even if it is only pulling out every last drop of energy even when you feel like you’re already running on the mere fumes…

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