A Visual Learner? Maybe Not.

Looking into type of learners, the different ways in which individuals process information, the first type on the list was ‘visual’ learners.
People who process information they see, people who process information as pictures. Visual learners have good spatial sense and a good sense of direction. Not I. I am not a visual learner. I’m thinking now writing this that The Man is a visual learner.
I think I am maybe an aural learner.
I never really process what I see, what I see going on around me. I can read a map, but I’ve learned how to read a map, it doesn’t make the slightest bit of sense to me but I’ve learned through error ( and more error) that it is wise to ignore my gut feeling and just follow the damn thing.
I don’t seem to notice things that I see, things that yield information as to where I am, or what is going on.

This reminded me of a camping holiday I went on with my family when we were kids. we stayed in my Uncle’s caravan for a week in Scotland.
My brothers and I hooked up with some other kids staying there and in the evenings we’d trawl around the camp site together, play ping-pong, etc, all the activities one did on a luxury holiday in the late 70s.
There were two boys and a girl in the other family, the girl was quite a lot younger than us and she never said anything, she just sort of tagged along.
The day before we were leaving, we were having breakfast and I said something about her not saying much, and my younger brother said, ‘maybe she can’t talk because she’s deaf’.
So I said, ‘how do you know she’s deaf?’
and he said, ‘ Well I’m guessing she is, she hasn’t got any ears.’
I was gobsmacked, I hadn’t even noticed and I couldn’t wait to get out there and have a look at this earless child.
Sure enough, when we went out to play, the little girl had no ears, on the side of her head there was nothing.
I’d spent a week with the kid and never even noticed.
No, I’m not much of a visual learner.

4 thoughts on “A Visual Learner? Maybe Not.

  1. Our youngest definitely is. Operating the remotes, the washing machine… he’s only got to see it done once and straight-away he knows which are the right buttons to press. He doesn’t miss a trick.

  2. I learn by sight. Even when I’m learning a written piece it is easier when I can imagine the page in front of me; the shape of the text, the colour of the words if it’s a list of things. The places where individual words are.

    Once I have an image in my mind it stays there.

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