Warm and Windy.

Just a quick round-up.
Yesterday, rumour has it it was 24 degrees. I left the house in a T-shirt!! In the middle of March. I saw online that the UK was also experiencing freakishly warm weather. It was very windy, a warm wind. even when I finished work after 8pm it was still warm and gusty outside, freaked me out a bit, it was just like it is films, ominous, like an minute now huge flocks of birds would be circling overhead, but chicken and the cats were behaving fairly normally.
It’s a long weekend and would have been nice if freaky to have a few warmer days, but it’s cold, wet and grey today so my plan to have the boys frollick off their excess energies in Nara Park is thwarted.

Yesterday those two young lads worked like trojans. they made a pact with the devil ( that would be me ), if they completed a task ‘properly’,
( ‘properly’ means without moaning all the way through it, and without asking me every two seconds, ‘how do I do this?’, ‘ where shall I put that?’) they would win themselves a couple of uninterrupted hours on the Wii.
Kev’s tak was to clean the bathroom, all of it, including the nasty plughole in the floor that collects all his sisters’ hair, ceiling, windows, doors etc.
Jim, had to clean out the genkan ( the entrance way) which has become a recepticle for anyone’s junk that they can’t quite manage to carry another foot when they get home.
It was very productive, I resisted the urge to watch this weeks episode of Survivor while they laboured and I blitzed the kitchen and pickled some onions and some red cabbage.
Jim’s labours yielded two huge bags of shoes that no longer fit anyone in this house and suddenly the shelves in the shoe cupboard do actually fit all our shoes in.
Now there are three clean and shiney spots in the house, a good day’s work done.
Boring indeed but satisfying.
In other news Jim has a Tae Kwon Dou tournament on April 18th, which is the exact day I have signed up to run the 6kms 50 miles from here?
Decisions must be made. First I will see if I can find a more local race to enter on a different day.
Doris will go forth in the grim greyness and play softball all day and Sunshine will go to work, these ‘children’ are never home.
I will try to stay productive and not let slothdom lure me into it’s nasty cave.

6 thoughts on “Warm and Windy.

  1. HEY! As the Queen of Slothdom I take offense. We are a proud and noble people, if we could muster the energy to care!

  2. Nice to see you instilling a proper work ethic in them – work for wages and priviledge. It’s what makes the world go round. So they tell me. I’m too busy slaving away to look up and notice.

  3. Sorry to hear I may not see you on the 18th! I was looking forward to talking with you and well, seeing you as you ran past me!

    • well I’m a little undecided Cat. but also have you noticed that there is zero info about the event. The other istes like Paris and LA have all sorts of live music and games etc and there is nothing listed ofr Kobe. I was thinking that maybe we could all get together and organise something for steve N’s mojoforall thing, what do you think?

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