Any Given Funday.

Loads of fun today and no meltdowns, All is well .
It’s a holiday, oh happy Vernal Equinox to all.
We took our young ladsters up to the amusement park on top of the mountain, I think we did this this time last year too.
Sunshine is working there and she seemed keen to have us visit her in the workplace.

So we packed up our riceballs and sarnies and hit the hilltop.
The Man had the forethought to bring a scarf and warm coat, which I was able to cadge off him, it was really quite chilly right up there at the top.
We had our lunch and headed off to Sunshine’s ride.
The ride she works on is more for taking in the panoramic vista than for thrills and spills, never the less Kev and The Man, who have problems with both heights and things they have no control over, were a little scared and I had my work cut out keeping everyone calm and staying warm at the same time, but ever the multi tasker I appplied myself to the job at hand with gusto and we all survived.
We were our usual pleasant selves around the working lass and her co-workers, didn’t want to freak her out by towing the public line and acting all
humble and grateful for everything.
The Man wound up a co-worker testing her knowledge of how the wires and hydraulics actually work, and asking inane questions about where he might be allowed to sit on the ride. As we soared into the air we waved and called out her name loudly, the boys blew kisses as instructed teens at work love that stuff!

Actually we were very proud of her, she has to buckle people in, for 6 quid an hour she has lives in her hands!! Seriously though it was quite thrilling watching her work, dealing with customers, performing tasks, she did well.

It was a bit of a strange day really. Kev and Jim had a ball, they loved it. Kev, having chanced his arm on the Wall of Death in Canada last year, was rather more adventurous, even went on the ‘roller coaster’, I use inverted commas because, fun as it is for little kids it is the lamest roller coaster ever. The boys went in this swing cage thing, which they have to swing around, if they get the timing and balance right it will turn right over. Last year, try as he might Kev could not get it to go over, but this year, he did, and was so happy and pleased with himself he went on it about 20 times.

Looking aorund and seeing so many little kids, 2, 3, 4 years old, we, The Man and I just couldn’t believe how the time has flown. we brought Sunshine here, when she was too small for the main attractions and we just went on the carousel and the mini swings. Days when my little girls wore cute little dresses and coloured tights, and now, in a blink of an eye those days have gone. I’m okay that those days have gone, but when people tell you how fast the time flies you really don’t believe them do you, but it’s true, it’s so true.

Before we left we told Sunshine we’d wait for her to finish work and she could come back in the car with us. She didn’t seem overly excited about this until we pointed out that the cable car home would cost her 700 yen ( and we’d take her in the car for just 350).
When 5 O’clock struck and the work day was over, it was really cool seeing all the staff dashing off in their bright ‘STAFF’ jackets, it took me back.
Those days when you enjoyed doing your job, partly because you knew it was just for now, it was just for money to buy the things you needed right now, not something you’d ever be doing for the rest of your life.
They all looked so cool, so young and happy and in the moment, knowing that right now life ain’t too shabby.
I love that my daughter has it all ahead of her, she can do and be anything she wants, and I love most of all that she knows that, but she doesn’t live in wait of her life starting, of the future coming to her, she’s just loving where she is and who she is right now.
It’s just great to watch.

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