How The Boy Sees Things

So I was in the car with young Jim, on the way home from work and we got to discussing what he might like for his lunch the next day, there being no school lunch.
A sandwich was decided upon.
So I said, ‘would you like ham or tuna?’ as he usually wants either of those.
He says, ‘ ham AND tuna.’
I say, ‘hang on there fella-me- lad, ham AND tuna? Do you think we’re made of money?’
He says, ‘ I do, we are made of money, we’re so rich.’
I say, ” I regret to inform you Mr. we’re not, we’re poor folk.”
He says, ” No we’re not, we’re rich. Look at our great big car .” ( ancient, dings and dents all over, front bumper hanging on by a thread)
” And our big house” ( oh so small for 6 people, 5 of whom are pack rats)
” And our big garden” ( if only he remembered his last trip to Engalnd and had a better frame of reference)
” And we feed four children and 2 cats and a chicken. AND we have 4 remote controllers for the Wii ( bought with bonus points).

I suppose when you look at it like that I could swing a slice of ham in with the tuna.

9 thoughts on “How The Boy Sees Things

  1. Our kids have the same mentality. We point out that the upkeep of the house, the car, the garden, etc is why we’re so poor. Tuna or nothing. 😉

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