Spring in my Step.

So the kids hols started on Thursday, and despite constant rain since then I have not had reason to use my schreechy banshee voice.
Don’t know why, it usually rears it’s ugly head around day three. Oh that’s right, day 3, in a pre-emptive strike against schreechy banshee voice I threw the boys in the car and took them to their grandparents’ house over in the Land That Time Forgot.
It’s amazing how my fear of driving through tunnels and on dual carriageways disappears when a boys’ sleepover hangs in the balance.
So dropped them. I actually stopped the car and went in and had a chat and a spot of lunch before escaping, I didn’t just slow down and shove ’em out as I’m always so tempted to do.
Got back and managed to clean house, wash up, do laundry, get ready for work, go to work, all in peace and quiet without, what has become constant quarrelling and bickering about absolutely nothing, going on.
Need to phone and arrange to pick them up, but damn it I can’t find the phone.

3 thoughts on “Spring in my Step.

  1. I only made it to day 2 before I had to use my banshee voice and when that didn’t work they were smacked (sorry) and sent to their rooms. Today I escaped. Who knows what tomrrow will bring but I hope it’s peace and quiet.

    • Steve, just send them, it’ll take a while to sort out who they are and where they’re from and then just say it was all a huge mis-understanding!

      Ditoh, I think it’s time we planned a holiday!

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