What’s Been Happening.

I’m horrified. All the blogs I regularly read, have been busily bloggity blogging and I’ve done nothing.
The spring hols are still in full swing and while I haven’t been blogging I haven’t been doing anything else either.
The weather for the most part has been shite, lots of cold rainy days and every time the sun poked it’s head out I sent the boys outside
to suck up it’s rays and give me a breather.
I have played more rounds of ‘phonics Uno’ that you’d think humanly possible and thus my reading skills have increased exponentially.
The boys’ relationship has alternated between ‘brothers in a book’ very Enid Blyton, ‘lashings of ginger ale’ and ‘brothers on death row’
very ‘shank you with a toothbrush shiv’.

Took them out for a quick lunch yesterday and shocked them into silence by okaying the drink bar, for just 200 yen I got atleast 15 minutes more
brotherly love.
Things went south, as they always do, when I thought Kev and I were playing, laughing and joking and I gave him a playful shove and he accused me of trying to push him under a car that was casually passing half a mile a way, if only he knew, if only they knew the thinks you can think.
He accused me, loudly, of child abuse, by shouting ( loudly) ‘child abuse, child abuse’, which certainly had the many passing strangers take a look.
Fortunately everyone shirked their civic duty and didn’t get involved.
We made it home in one piece though neither child would speak to me, the one because of the aforementioned child abuse and the other because of a failure to stop at Baskin and Robbins.
Still we had managed a few decent hours of family love in there somewhere, grateful for small mercies.

A friend, I should say a dear friend, an unsung heroine of our time, took both of them ice-skating for the day on Thursday, leaving me time to catch up on housework and ‘Weeds’, must confess Weeds got the lion’s share of the time.
Saturday today, a long walk, go to work, American Idol tonight, it’s all good!

10 thoughts on “What’s Been Happening.

  1. Let the boy come spend a weekend with me. I’ll show him what child abuse really looks like – no snacks because you refused to eat lunch and NO Wii or DS just because I said so. I’m a monster who must be stopped. He’ll be throwing himself under a car by the time I get done with him! Lol

      • What? I’m not going to be home for delivery. Check whatever time you want. If I’m not here they can store him in the lock box things down at the entrance. Waiting around for him, really!

  2. We regularly get accused of abuse, being offensive, even hating our eldest in Victorian workhouse proportions. These accusations usually coincide strangely enough with “PlayStation off” time. Funny that.

  3. Haha, and do you have school holidays to boot? My 2 alternate between BFF and the killer-rage sisters from hell. I have solved the problem mostly by working away from home as much as possible, no point having been a 60s kid with a father who worked all hours not to learn something eh?

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