Wish Upon A Car.

Looks like I was dang lucky not having booked any tickets to anywhere fun for the summer.
What started out as the car making a clanky clanky noise and losing power on hills, ended with emergency repairs and the news that it’ll take much work and cash to pass it’s shakken next month.
So while i should have been at home making pizza dough for our evening vittals with friends, I was drinking copious amounts of free coffee over at the Mazda shop.
The Man and I have talked before about, if and when the need to replace the car arises, that we would downsize. We are so rarely out with everyone anymore that we don’t need the big 7 man bus and all the extra costs it entails yearly. So seems the time is now upon us.
In about two minutes flat I went from wishing on a star that the repairs would be less that 30,000 yen, to, in my minds eye, ( where things are all so clear, rosy and airbrushed) myself ( very airbrushed) , sitting in the front seat of a hot green mazda demio.
My hair blew out in the wind, The Ballard of Lucy Jordan playing on the state of the art thingummy player..I’ll enjoy it while it lasts, until The Man comes in and dashes my hopes and dreams on the ragged rocks of reality.

The ‘necessary’ repairs will be 30,000 yen, but we can still expect to have to replace the transmission among other things for the shakken.
So we cut back on the ‘necessary’ repairs to ‘do whatever it needs to make sure i can drive it for the next six weeks’ and then we’ll trade it in. By which I mean, they’ll offer us 25pence and a couple of thousand ‘eco’ points for it, and we’ll get a new car.

The mechanics at Mazda are always very nice, they have, over the years explained a lot of basic car engine type things to me, and they are always super polite, but, wow, when they think you are going to buy a brand new spanking car, it’s a whole different ballgame. The suit guys come out, the fawning begins, my Japanese apparently flawless now, cake comes with the coffee…

I enjoyed myself so much I tottled off to other dealers for more of the same. I was particularly impressed at Honda, not so much by the cars, because, well, because I don’t care really, heart set as it is on the little green Demio, but the suit guy was rather attractive and I brought my new ‘flirty, sassy’ hair into play, to offset, what I hadn’t thought through, which was I was in trainers, boyfriend jeans and The Man’s oversized Canada sweatshirt.

So now I have dozens of catalogues of shiny new cars, 99% of which I don’t need and can’t afford.
However it all turns out, I’ve had fun with it today.

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