More Car Quandry.

The Man likes the Demio too, my hopes and dreams remain intact. Yay!
Quandry is about making that transition to the smaller car. I know it makes sense, financially and environmentally to downsize,
and yet a part of me says that there will still be times when we need a bus. My other voice says ‘ should such times comes, well then take the bus, get a bus, get on a bus, the city has an actual service of buses that rock around just picking people up and dropping them off’.
Cannot deny that having a big car has been very very useful at time, moving chests of drawers, camping equipment, picking up and dropping off other people’s kids etc, I think it’s the change that has me in a quandry. Maybe I’m afraid of change.
Does seem weird though to go out of my way to by buy a vehicle that the whole family won’t fit in? Even though said family rarely are in the vehicle at the same time, and mass family events are going to decrease, not increase.
I’m flipping and flapping, I’m being wishy-washy. Decisions, decisions.

Meanwhile, having experienced the joy of being fawned over as a prospective buyer, I am going to pop down to LEXUS and see if they give me Godiva chocs with my coffee….

6 thoughts on “More Car Quandry.

  1. We have a small car. A very small car. A Peugot 106. Tranporting big stuff or even just going camping with 4 of us was difficult… so we bought a second hand trailer. Now we have the best of both worlds. Just a thought… 😉

  2. We transported the double bass for years in Ernest, a cream mini estate ..granted we couldn’t see left when we had to pull out of a junction for the neck but it added a certain frisson to the manoeuvre …..Oh I’d buy a big car whilst you and your hundred children are all at home to make use of can always trade it in when Doris elopes with the new lerve of her life.

  3. Camping car.It is so you.Lots of room(and somewhere mobile to escape to),and you can travel all around Japan and beyond ,and no more hotels or plane rides.Bloody marvellous idea if I may say so myslef.

    And of course,we await your visit .

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