School News.

Jim got a teacher who is new to the school so no idea what she’ll be like.
He is also in a different class to Summer Sky for the first time since they were 3 years old.
Kev’s teacher is okay I think. I actually had dealings with her when I helped on an English teaching project a couple of years ago.
Personally I liked her but did only spend an hour a week with her.
Rumours abound about her and seems some folk love her some , not so much and last year a friend’s daughter refused to go to school for much of the school year because of this teacher.
I have decided to take it all as it comes, to have no opinion until one is required of me and to maintain a ‘ hooray Kev, you got Mrs O’ attitude towards it and see how things play out.
Doris claims her teacher is ‘really nice’ high praise indeed from Doris who tars all teachers with the same used, manky, moulting brush usually.
Another rumour circulating our happy dining table is, Doris has a boyfriend. Perhaps this is why she can find joy in a new teacher, maybe she too is in LERVE.
I will wait and see on all topics.

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