Friday Fest.

It came out at morning roll-call that I have two in schol, 1 at softball and 1 at home today. One of those in school finishes at 10.30 a.m., hardly seems worth the 1 mile walk but life can be like that.
Summer Sky is coming over to play this morning, I’ll be working in the other room.
Come lunchtime we have to head out and buy kyuushokugi, which to the lay person is a not very funky at all, little apron-esque affair the chicklets need to wear when they are on lunch serving duty.
The two week holiday was not enough time for them to tell me their’s no longer fit and we have an action packed weekend ahead, so today it must be.
It’s kind of a waste of car buying cash to buy two as Kev only has a year left, but Jim’s will only fit the very smallest of small people now, and Kev’s is trashed, as it was his sister’s before him, and her sister’s before that, so I’d say we’ve pretty much wrung our 5 quid out of that little bugger.
This afternoon our neice, ‘Beautiful Cherry Blossom’ is coming to stay for the weekend, visiting with her Papa from Canada, the very same neice we spent last summer with.
I’ll catch the new episode of Survivor and force myself to watch it , though there is no chance of even a glimpse of Boston Rob.
The 6 to 7 spot will be filled with feeding and getting a couple of kids to Tae Kwon Dou on time. This will involve a long process, often ending in tears, of locating bags, belts and dougi.
Sunday we are tripping off to Nara Park for Hanami, viewing of the cherry blossoms whilst stuffing out faces. I think the blossoms have peaked now and if this drizzly rain and wind keep up we’ll be viewing twigs but it’ll be fun to be out picknicking and catching up with friends and their kids.

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