Sizing Things Up.

I just watched a documentary about obesity in the US.
First I know the US is not the only country with an obesity problem, my friend in Australia said there are so many overweight kids there now it’s the skinny ones that get bullied, but the documentary was about the US.
It got me thinking about the clothes that are worn by the morbidly obese. Would it not be true to say A LOT of them are made in China.
I’m sure there are overweight people in China, but obesity as a national crisis over there is not something that dominates the news.
Not wishing to stereotype folks, but wouldn’t it be fair to say that, in general, for the most part, by and large, Chinese people have a tendency to be smaller than the average caucasian.
I was thinking about the women who work in the sweatshops factories there, what must they be thinking as they sew these masssive clothes, do they fall about laughing that some people, humans, have reached that kind of size, do they imagine they are sewing for an alternate world entirely populated by giants?
Surely it’s got be strange for them.
Just wondering, nothing better to do today.

4 thoughts on “Sizing Things Up.

  1. I have quite a few Chinese friends and actually to be fat is no laughing matter, they rather admire westerners who are fat because it means that you are healthy. Skinny to them = no food, poor family, can’t provide for children. So to them to see fat people, they won’t laugh, only admire. The Chinese people I know are really happy to be “fat” because they think they have made it in life. πŸ™‚

  2. I guess Chinese seamstress / seamsters are truly living off the fat of the land… but without risking heart stopping obesity themselves. I must admit, I think (perhaps naively) that I’d rather be a sewer than a grower…! πŸ˜‰

  3. I think it’s the same with food portion sizes.

    Whenever I go to a Thai restaurant I’m always struck by the tiny portions.

    And then I look at the waifs serving them.

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