Bright Lights Big City.

Popping on a bit of lipstick and heading off to not one but two bustling metropolises.
Will be taking a state-of-the-art, clean, running on time train over to Osaka, from whence the airport bus will transport me to a jet.
Not a private jet of course, anyone can use it, anyone with a ticket, and for myself and moi who had the foresight to book a ticket two months ago, a very cheap indeed ticket.
The capital awaits. Tokyo here I come.
Tonight I will enjoy the hospitality of my lovely friend Marlene, a woman who puts Martha Stewart herself to shame, Martha if she ever met Marlene would hang her head and say ” I’m not worthy, put me back in a cell.’
Tomorrow, 4 of us, 4 foreign wives of the world will come together to enjoy the magic that is Carol King and James Taylor, together, performing live at Tokyo’s Budokan.
It’s going to be a GREAT few days.
What of the chicklets? I hear you say.
What chicklets? say I.

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