So How Was The Trip?

Thanks for asking, brilliant in so many ways.
The concert itself was just damn fantastic, so glad we all went. The wonderful Marlene, who had had been on holiday in Austria when the tickets came on sale, booked online via the magic that is her iphone, and got four seats, front and centre 3 rows back, wonderful, although the concert was at the famous BUDOKAN, being right at the front there, there was a kind of intimate feel to it.
The audience were in fine spirits too and further up it seemed like there might have been a Boston contingent in.
Carol ( at 68) and wearing some very high boots, at times rocked around the stage with so much energy, I made a solemn vow to myself to get into better shape.
The songs were just as beautiful as ever, as powerful as listening to them the first time around which for me was the late 70s and early 80s.
James was no slouch on the energy either, jumping and rocking and his voice has lost none of it’s distinctive deep texture.
If they were playing Osaka I’d be there again in a shot.
Big thanks to the friends I went with, especially Marlene for organising everything and guiding us there and generally looking after me for 3 days.

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