No Ash Here.

I believe we are ash free, ash is not impacting on our lives in any way, shape or form.
To catch up here, apparently Doris’s boyfriend about whom I know nothing πŸ˜‰ is now history, dumped, gone.
End of a story that never started.
I bought a car. I did, executive decisions were made and I bought a Mazda Demio ( I think in the real world it’s called a Madza 3).
It’ll be here in three weeks. Our current car will last that long if I remember to keep toddling out and filling the water gizmo up after every trip. We have all made solemn vows that nothing will be consumed in said new car, and that each person will take their crap out of it after every trip. We will not fill it with manga and socks and broken umbrellas, though where on earth I am going to put all the manga and socks and broken umbrellas that currently live in the back of the car now I do not know.
I am * very* excited but holding it in.
I have not started my garden yet but have plans to do it this weekend weather permitting.
Doris can do a rubic cube in 6 minutes, she claims it’s good, I have no idea I’ve never even been able to do even one side before.
In addition to not being a visual learning, I also lack the logic gene.
( I’m thinking that ticking off all the genes you DON’T have is one way of leading you to the ones you do. Must create a pie chart or something.)

I am reading ‘Bird By Bird’ by Anne Lamott.
This is an excellent book for anyone who writes, or who is thinking about writing, or who reads, or is thinking about reading.
Cannot recommend it highly enough. When you’re reading a chapter called ‘Shitty First Drafts’ you know you’re onto something.

If you are looking for TV recommends, I highly , highly recommend WEEDS, it’s funny and clever and funny clever on so many levels, I think in terms of social commentary it should be studied in schools.
Thats me, tuning in and showing up.

9 thoughts on “No Ash Here.

  1. Ash is impacting slightly on us here in that for once our car is slightly dirtier on the outside than the inside. It sounds like you can sympathise with that… kind of.

  2. love bird by bird. refer back to it often. must use its message today and get to the stack of stuff. attacking things bird by bird on a daily basis.

  3. ooo, that sounds like a book I would like. Off to check it out now! I feel I’ve been away for an age!!! Internet on the boat is – hmmmmmm – SLOW and painful and just too tiresome to catch up on other blogs 😦 but I’m having fun today just cruising around. Hope your new car is fabulous! x

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