Switching Roles.

So as Kev has calmed down a bit and actually been altogether pleasant to be around and dare I say FUN, to be around, young Jim has stepped up to the plate to drive me nuts.
His latest and favourite game, game du jour, is you will ( in keeping with the linguistic theme of my post) is contradicting me in front of people.
For example when I said to a friend, ‘Oh yeah Jim wants to see Alice In Wonderland’ he’ll say,
‘ no I don’t, I never said that, who said I said that?’ or ” Oh yeah Jim LOVES spagetti’, ‘ No I don’t, I’ve never liked spagetti, I only like PASTA’
I’m slowly learning not to bring him into any conversations with a third party.
Another fun game is ‘ correcting Mama’s Japanese’.
LOTS of opportunity to play this and he enters into with 100% enthusiasm.
He’ll loudly say the correct word and then repeat the offending word 5 or 6 times, whilst tutting and shaking his head with a look of total disgust on his face, like bastardising his mother tongue is a personal insult to him, and his mother’s inability to correctly conjugate all verbs at all times is holding him back in school both socially and academically and the only possible outcome will be his wandering down a road of disrepute and when he’s in a back alley sniffing lighter fuel I’ll only have myself to blame.

He pulled me up sharply this morning and reamed me out over a missed preposition and I tried to explain to him kindly and gently that, I wasn’t even talking to him and I didn’t reallly give a shit, but he wasn’t listening, he was busy digging the sleep out of his eyes and flicking it at his brother.

Couldn’t we just have a break from all obnoxiousness?

6 thoughts on “Switching Roles.

  1. Gawd. You know, I feel your frustration. It’s like they have some sort of secret schedule for driving me nuts worked out between themselves.

  2. Grr! Withhold Wii privileges. Ban the PlayStation. Hold out until remember who the boss is, oh yeah, it’s you mummy, isn’t it? Oh yes, very sorry. Respect!

  3. Oh dear, do you get enough red wine to put up with all that angst? Hang in there, apparently they leave home eventually….

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