Teacher Teacher

Teacher Teacher.
Kev’s teacher came for a visit today. At the beginning fo the school year there are four days of ‘katteihoumon’, when teachers visit your house.
Technically, our school doesn’t do it because the catchment area is too vast and the students too many, I told you all this last year and the year before but thought I’d mention it again in case some of you forgot to make a note of it.
So our school does what they call, kouku meguri’, the teachers walk to each student’s house but you don’t have to be in, but if you are you can have a quick chat.
As luck would have it I was home, busily churning out endless rounds of tuna sandwiches for boys almost fainting from starvation, having had lunch more than an hour before.
I know her from before, so she wasn’t panicking, she’s quite nice really and Kev seems to like her and he has been a somewhat calmer version of himself recently, so maybe we’ll have a good year.
Jim’s teacher will probably come on Monday.

One thought on “Teacher Teacher

  1. Felt a jolt of empathy re: the tuna sandwich production line. It’s a regular occurrence in our house and I loathe the stuff. I hope my kids appreciate what I do for them!

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