Just another random thought post. How do you feel about knives, large knives on the counter top in the kitchen?
Like everyone else I have a range of kitchen knives, knives with different job descriptions, big ones, small ones, all very sharp courtesy The Man’s whetstone. I have a cleaver which I keep in a box under the stairs with other now redundant kitchen utensils because I am never called upon to cleave.
My other knives though, which I use regularly, once used are immediately wiped clean and put away in the handy-dandy, secure, built in knife tray located below my sink unit.
Chatting with a friend yesterday, she said she chucks them in the sink and her Man invariably cuts himself on one.
I bypass the sink, to be honest, not to protect The Man’s fingers, but I worry that left on the counter top, should an intruder, break into the house ( via the always unlocked front door) and see a knife hanging about unemployed, he might decide to stab us, weapon of opportunity if you like. No knife, he might just go about his business of stealing. he could make off like the proverbial bandit if there is a huge market in used plimsols, broken earphones and plastic pieces from random toys.
Why tempt him/her to further criminal action?

8 thoughts on “KNIVES!

  1. I’m a little bit OCD about knives being left about – especially our lazer knife which is very sharp. I worry about small hands deciding to play with it so always wash it immediately after use and put it safely away. Sometime I do it before my wife has even finished using it.

  2. I chuck mine in the sink. The only person who has ever been cut by them was me. I got 5 stitches and if I even see the knife that injured me I get weak kneed.

  3. I have all mine, except the bread knife, in a knife holder on the counter top. I have the bread knife in that under the sink door hanger thing that is required in all Japanese homes, but never put the other knives in it because I am more worried about my kids getting them and stabbing each other than someone breaking in and stabbing me. I only put the bread knife there as that’s the only place it fits. I also put them in the sink. If my DH ever goes near a dirty dish in the sink I will drop dead of shock and thus probably not care if he cuts himself.

  4. I like to keep them cleaned and out of the way…however you reminded me that many years ago when I lived in another city and was flatting, I got a call from my flatmate to ask if I had been home during the day. I said no, and she replied “Oh, well in that case we’ve been burgled” I set off for home in a rush. When I got there I was a bit peeved that she thought I had been home, the place had been ransacked and I am not THAT messy…anyway, when we ventured up stairs we found the large kitchen knife on the floor in the bathroom…imagine if one of us HAD been at home….

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