Shutter Island.

went to see Shutter Island today and LOVED IT!
Not even a big Di Caprio fan. He’s not my type to lust after but he does have a great screen presence and gave a stellar performance.
I am though a big Dennis Lehane fan, ‘Mystic River’ and ‘Gone Baby Gone’ were good reads transformed into excellent films that would definitely be on my Best Films list.
Shutter Island is a different type of story altogether and has got me excited about the fact that I have two new Lehane’s sitting here waiting to be read.

Yesterday I watched ‘This Is England’, about the UK circa 1983, it was interesting but disturbing, partly because it wasn’t what I was expecting, but also it brought back a lot of memories. I remember the National Front being outside our school gate with their membership forms and posters, telling us there’d be no jobs for us school leavers because the ‘Pakis’ had them all.

I just finished a great Val Mcdermid, for anyone who is fond of crime/police/profiler fiction, she is the Queen and deserves the capital Q.
Now reading another crime fiction by a new author Leigh Russell.
Meanwhile it poured down all day. The Man is away at a funeral in Hiroshima won’t be back until tomorrow.
The cat being away the mouse played ‘let’s watch Dr Phil until 2 a.m.’ I love life on the edge.

5 thoughts on “Shutter Island.

  1. I’m not a Di Caprio fan at all. In fact I only stomach Titanic and The Quick And The Dead because he dies in them. And yet I have heard great things about Shutter Island so might let the wife drag me along to the cinema to see it.

  2. I LOVED This is England – as you say really unsettling but brilliant attention to detail and great little idiosyncratic elements……the only thing that didnt sit comfortably with me (except the child/woman relationship) was the main characters anger at the troops being in the Falklands….I’d have thought a character of that nationalistic fervour would have been a supporter of any type of protection of the ‘Empire’ …rest of it though i thought was superb. Its worth checking out other Shane Meadow films too…

    • I wondered about that Falklands aspect too.
      The underpass scenes got to me, I remember being nervous about having to go through one into town all the time , and doing a sort of fake nonchalant-crapping-myself dash past people sitting down in there.
      Will check out other films, also read that they are planning a sequel , find out what happened to Milky.

  3. This has put me into a conundrum, I have no time for Leo either but now you’ve got me thinking perhaps I should go see this film!

    Dr Phil I have no problem with, Miss Edgy!

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