Holidays Again!

Despite many days of rain the holidays have begun, Golden week, from the 29th of April to May 5th. may 5th is officially Children’s Day, like it’s not their day every day!
I was hoping we might be hanging out at a resort hotel in Guam for the hols but it was not meant to be, partly because I spent all my pin money on the car, and partly because for some reason we both have to work in the middle of the damn holiday and of course because we failed spectacularly to book anything.
We always vow in January that we’ll book something for Golden Week and never get around to it, so the only places left are the hideously expensive or the just plain hideous.
So The Man hatched a plan. He came to me with said plan, his little face full of hope, a picture of optimism and said,
” How about we go camping?’ Aaah! he looked so sweet and enthusiastic about it.
I said, ” Dearest, oh sweet man of mine, I would LOVE to go camping, in a tent on a mountain top, but I don’t think at such short notice I can get a team of wild horses assembled.’
So! He will take the boys camping for 2 nights. THEY are wildly enthusiastic about it and have already rolled up their sleeping bags.

So poor me! I’ll stay home with my gals, nothing to do but potter in the garden, read books, do my crossword puzzles and watch the box. 🙂
Happy Holidays.

6 thoughts on “Holidays Again!

  1. Oh well done on getting out of the camping. I went once in Mestre just outside Venice – that was the first and last time I am ever going to attempt to sleep under canvas

    • FF, nice to see you here. LOL @ ‘ getting out’ of the camping, perfectly good roof on my house I can use.

      Babs, the downside is that, that time has gone in the blink of an eye, so you too, ‘enjoy’.

      Heather, with 4 kids we often have to divide and conquer and sadly I always get the TV watching, pizza loving team and The Man gets the fishing and the Great Outdoors;)

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