Brain Drain?

Recently been seriously questioning my brain function, my memory to be specific.
Read this fab and hilarious post over at Just Twaddle ( I have given over way too much of my day so far in trying to embed the link, but do read it, it’s very funny.)

Just Twaddle got me thinking about my own rapidly deteriorating memory and how despite my best efforts I’m really getting jackshit done these days.
I think my multi tasking days are done.
Not so sure what this is anymore.
To qualify as a multi-tasker do you actually have to complete the tasks at hand?
I set out to do a couple of dozen tasks yesterday which included blitzing the boys’ room, cleaning out a cupboard and a set of drawers, washing a shed load of futon and cushion covers, rendering the bathroom pristine, organising the kitchen, washing floors and watching season 5 of Desperate Houswives.
I only completed one of the above and there isn’t a prize for guessing which one.

No, this isn’t yet another post about my lazy arse where I wallow in my own filth watching the box.
I put the TV on and half watched, half worked, but I’d get a few minutes into a job and I couldn’t remember what I was doing.
I floated from task to task wondering what on earth I was doing.
I swept half the kitchen floor and remembered I hadn’t switched the washing machine on.
Got to washing machine, failed to activate it and remembered I was going to wash the bathroom walls, started washing the wall and remembered there were pillow covers to go in the washing machine, go upstairs for pillow covers and remember I was half way through ransacking the boys’ room for broken toys and old school books……these days it seems I can’t walk from one room to another without entirely forgetting what the Hell I’m doing.
I’ve lost track of the number of times I have opened the fridge and then asked myself what I wanted from it, then
thought, ‘yes yes, milk, milk for my coffee, gotcha’ but closed the door without the milk , then opened it again and repeated the whole silly game.
I asked a friend the other day, I said, ‘do you ever open the fridge and wonder what you wanted?’
She said, ‘ only when I’m chucking something in the bin.’

The brain must have a way of discerning what is and what isn’t important, there must be some kind of inbuilt triage system for when it all starts falling apart.
As yet I haven’t forgotten to feed the kids ( or that I have kids) but I usually forget what it was I was planning on feeding them with.
I don’t forget things at work, I’m never late, keep track of students and their myriad needs, make calls that need to be made, take the right kid to the right place at the right time, repeatedly. I keep track of dental appointments, ENT visits, sports tournaments, times, dates, locations but I can’t remember why I’m standing in the middle of the kitchen with a wooden spoon in my hand.
I can get out a magazine with an article I want to snip, go to the drawer for the scissors, forget why I’m there, go back to the table, see the article, remember the scissors, get the scissors, sit down and wonder why I need the scissors.
So is it just one part of my brain that is failing, ( The Man’s is the same, so I can’t blame my peri-menopausal condition) is it the sort of irelevent part of my brain, letting go of unimportant crap because another part is so chock full of stuff that I cannot possibly be allowed to forget? Will this one part get worse over time? Will it spread to other parts of my brain? Is this the beginning of the end, is it not enough that my physical self requires scaffolding and covering with a big old tarp, now my mental state is falling into disrepair.
How long before I require assisted living do we think?

3 thoughts on “Brain Drain?

  1. This is normal. This sounds like me. I think the telling factor here is: kids. When you have kids you can’t be expected to do the breast stroke, whilst snorkelling and fishing for starfish and making sure the coral looks OK. All you can do is fight to keep your head above water. I’ve been told that once the kids leave home and start their own lives the ability to multitask myseriously returns. 😉

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