He’s Got A Friend.

I’ve been working a lot this past week or so and not much going on really. My car hasn’t arrived yet so no changes yet.
EXCEPT!!! Kevin has a friend. He has a couple of friends actually, this is all new ground to us, but he’s either not home or fielding calls form one or other of these friends. We are extremely pleased about this turn of events. However….
One kid he’s now friends with is apprently filthy rich, Richy Rich indeed. don’t know if that’s true or not or just Kev’s perspective of things after counting how many DS softwares the kid has.
Problem is, the kid goes to juku( cram school) and now Kev wants to go. The other kid will take an exam for a private JHS. Rest assured Kev will not. Even if we liked juku, or agreed with the system in anyway shape or form, even if we thought it was a good idea to pay money to put our kid into a hugely educationally competetive enviroment, we couldn’t afford it anyway, so it aint ever, never gonna happen.
I have explained to Kevvers that, going to juku would mean being there every day of the summer holidays and late nights doing homework. he claims to desire nothing more than this. I point out that it is now 10pm and it has taken me 6 hours to get him to do his school homework, but he will not give in. Claims he’ll ask his father. GOOD! I know exactly what his father will say on the subject!
I want to explain to y’all further about the dreadfully competetive environment here, the cramming of ‘facts’ to be regurgitated for tests, the lack of inspired thinking, the absence of critical thinking skills, originality, individuality… but I’m too tired after explaining it all to my young son who I suspect wasn’t listening because his mind is made up…..
at least he’s making friends at last…..

9 thoughts on “He’s Got A Friend.

  1. Yes, dwell on the positive. Friends are good. Friendship is great. Let your husband to the bad news stuff. That’s how it works in my house too. 😉

  2. Gawd, friends! They have been an ever increasing source of irritation in my house as well. Darn my kids and their outgoing and friendly personalities!

    • Not really M. I don’t like the style of education he is getting in school so don’t want to pay money for more of same iykwim? He spends all day at school I don’t want him studying evenings and weekends too when he’s only 11.

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