Can We Start Today Over?

Lengthy conversation with young Kev about why we can’t just leave the randy cats to will-nilly impregnate every feral minx in the neighbourhood.
He was not convinced and I anticipate further questions when he returns home from his day of learning, but it might keep his mind off the juku talk.
My traditional morning Jeff Buckley moment was snatched from me cruelly, when Jim after faking a stomachache then a temperature, then refused point blank to go to school, and told me a long sordid story of mean spirited name calling going on in his class where his dual ethnicity was derided. There was much sobbing and sniffing.
So I’ll get the cats snipped then single handedly wipe out racial prejudice in the 4th grade. 😉
Where’s my cape and pointy bra??
Trust me, there’ll be more on this.

3 thoughts on “Can We Start Today Over?

  1. I saw a shirt yesterday that said “Given a cape and a tiara, there is nothing I can’t sort out”…AND you have a pointy bra! How useful is that! 🙂
    (Other peoples kids can be right wee snots can’t they?)

    • Steve, thank you , but I am worried now that I am mis-representing myself, my every day is by the skin my teeth, I’m so not worthy of the pointy bra…but it looks good on. LOL.

      Sag, they can be can’t they, and sometimes they themselves are in a bad place, or just haven’t been taught right you know. I’ll update on my eracism plan tomorrow, but I haven’t heard from the other parent, so … how’re kids supposed to learn if they don’t see an example set…

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